New Long Island City Italian Restaurant, Levante, draws crowds


Eden Gaim, co-owner of the Long Island City restaurant, Levante, moves quickly around the newly opened Italian restaurant.  She is greeting customers, taking orders, and working with the staff to keep everything running smoothly.  The restaurant is located at 26-21 Jackson Avenue, across the street from Chipotle and next door to Toby’s Estate LIC Cafe.  It is after 9pm on Saturday night and all of the seats are filled.  The restaurant is still waiting on it’s liquor license but the packed house is a visual reminder that the Long Island City community is excited and ready for new restaurants and bars to serve it’s exploding population.

Levante serves a full menu of traditional Italian food, but it specializes in gourmet wood-oven cooked pizzas which dominate the menu.

Currently, the restaurant is still in it’s soft opening phase and is open from 12 to 4pm Monday through Friday. The restaurant will open officially on 10/1/17 when they receive their liquor license. Once the bar is open, Levante’s hours will be 12pm to 11pm Monday through Thursday, 12pm to Midnight on Friday, 10:30am to midnight on Saturday and 10:30am to 10pm on Sunday.

The grand opening will debut Levante’s full menu and start the brunch offering on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

As Long Island City population continues to grow it is inevitable that more restaurants and bars will open in the neighborhood. Levante’s high quality food and excellent service are setting a high bar for future restaurants in the neighborhood and if the soft opening is a sign of things to come then we can expect the LIC community to embrace any new bars & restaurants with open arms.

To keep up to date with Levante’s upcoming events or want to show your support you can follow them at the following:


Instagram: @levantelic


Featured Photo used with permission from Levante’s Facebook Page


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